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The idea of approaching landscape from the perspective of a passenger ignited my imagination many years ago, as did my plan to explore Canada’s highways and byways from coast to coast to coast. The adventures have been magnificent, and I hope you find the resulting collection of paintings equally as inspiring.

I am attracted to the idea of focusing on an unfocused moment, an in-between time, a time of sitting still and moving fast, being engaged but removed from the subject and being between places when thoughts have time to wander. I am intrigued by the way the perspective of a passenger references the viewer as the one who is moving, creating a personal connection and inviting recall of similar experiences from memory.


While sitting in the passenger seat, I make quick sketches and take photographs using a slow shutter speed. It is important to me that these materials are authentically sourced, even though the resulting compositions often appear non site specific and even abstract.I use these materials to develop compositions for semi abstract oil paintings. The result is a permanent expression of a passing moment that re-awakens memories from past journeys.

The hugely diverse Canadian geography and four distinct seasons provide endless possibilities for exploring composition, perspective and mood. Pallets can be soothing pastels or bold primaries, freezing winter tones, or luscious summer greens. The vast creative possibilities of this project keep me totally intrigued, always anticipating the discovery of new visions unveiled by the next adventure.

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