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Looking for a unique and different idea for a birthday party? Celebrate your birthday at Viva Vida Art Gallery! Invite your friends to a creative and memorable birthday experience! Here's the details about our offerings :

  • Parties take place at our spacious art centre (home or other location options available on demand)

  • The participants are dropped off at the space, and the birthday person's parents or guardians can stay. Other parents and guardians can stay at an extra fee. (see extras)

  • The parties are 2 hours in duration.

  • The art activity is completed in the first hour and fifteen minutes. The remaining 45 minutes is for eating, opening gifts and celebrating.

  • Participants should be dressed in appropriate clothing for art (art smocks are provided)​

  • Digital invitation cards are available for free on demand to send as is or to print.

  • Adult Birthday parties and celebrations also available!

  • Any food accommodation goes through the gallery, except for the cake. If you wish to bring your own, you can do so at an extra fee. (see extras)


Choose from a variety of themes or suggest your favourite artist and we will design a project to fit your needs!:

  • Painting (Can be themed by a subject or artist of your choice)

  • Graffiti art (an extra $2.50 fee is applied per participant)

  • Collage

  • Mosaic

  • Funky jewelry making (an extra $2.50 fee is applied per participant)

  • Mask Sculptures (an extra $2.50 fee is applied per participant)

  • Mixed Media 

  • Clay (bowls or figurines)


Basic package is $250.00 (plus applicable taxes) for up to 8 participants, which includes all art materials and virtual invitations. 

Each additional participant is $28.00


  • A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required at the time of booking a party. Balance is due day of the party 

  • An art activity during the Birthday Party, with a finished artwork for each child to take home    

  • A special keepsake for the birthday child is included with each birthday party


Extra time (35.00 $)

  • Book an extra half-hour for your group.

Pizza (75,00 $)

  • 1 large gourmet pizza (can be cut into smaller slices for more guests)

  • 8 juice boxes, water bottles, soda pop, etc. (additional drinks are $1.50 each)

  • Plates, cups, utensils, and napkins for pizza and cake.

  • Additional pizzas available for 37.50 $.

Cake (from 40,00 $)

  • Chocolate or vanilla cake with matching icing are available.

  • Cake can be decorated in a charming art theme.

Coffee or tea(10.00 $)

  • A pot of coffee and/or tea.

Fruit or veggie platter (from 25.00 $)

  • Assorted fruits or vegetables platter available in two formats ; small (25.00$) or large (35.00$).​

Art loot bags (8.50 $ per bags)

  • Various options available on demand.

Parents and guardians present (50.00 $)

  • Any parents or guardians can stay with their child for the length of the birthday.

Bring you own food (50.00 $)

  • Allows you to bring your own food and drinks.

  • You will need to bring tablecloths, plates and cutlery. 

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