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Workshops at Viva Vida Art Gallery include a wide range of topics, from technical art courses to artist talks with our in-house and special guest artists, as well as unique opportunities such as yoga and lifestyle conferences hosted by various specialists.

Current Workshops

Design and Pastel Drawing with Viva Vida & Fig Fleurs

125 $

Wednesday, April 26th from 6h30 to 9h00 pm


Viva Vida Art Gallery and Fig Fleurs are teaming up for a uniquely creative event. No design or sketching experience needed, just come and have fun. You’ll create a floral design in a beautiful tea cup then cross the hall and learn how to sketch it! Come discover your hidden gifts or just enjoy something new. 

Design & Sketch Workshop.png
Clay Sculpture & Building dragons with George Hsiung

120 $ (95 $ for the workshop + 25 $ for clay, firing and glazing)

Saturday, April 29th from 10h00 am to 2h00 pm

Join us at Viva Vida Art Gallery for a full day workshop taught by artist George Hsiung! This workshop is available for both beginners and advanced students, who can choose between making a Western or Eastern dragon. Refreshments will be served.


Past Workshops

Workshop: Mix Media with Artist Micheline Sansregret 

70 $

Tuesday, March 28th from 6h30 to 9h00 pm

Come and enjoy playing with colour in a new way. Combine important elements of design effortlessly. Dominance, focal point, direction, mouvement will have no more secret for you. Supplies included


Join us on Saturday September 24, from 1 to 4pm.  This traditional Chinese brush painting workshop is taught by artist George Hsiung! For potters and painters, participants will work with both ink and watercolour. Potters can work with their own bisqued pots. Refreshments will be served. Materials are included.


Workshop : Doodling, Watercolour and Ink with Micheline Sansregret 

This new type of expression seem to take momentum in our world of artistic discoveries! Simple yet bold in their execution, curves and stripes can produce an eloquent statement! Come and discover the power of it!


Workshop : Watercolour with Heather Boyd

Create beautiful watercolour seascapes with Heather Boyd. Beginners will learn basic watercolour techniques and experienced painters will hone their skills. Option to add wire embellishments to your work for mixed media cards. Participants will be guided step-by-step through an ocean waves seascape and a lighthouse landscape.

viva vida jewelry copy.png

Workshop: Wire Jewelry Making with Heather Boyd

Exploring wire jewelry with Heather Boyd. Learn how to twist and bend wire into beautiful shapes to create rings, earrings, pendants and more in this informative and fun workshop. With over 125K subscribers on her Heather Boyd Wire YouTube channel and 33 years of experience she will guide beginner and advanced students to make unique wire creations. No jewelry-making experience is necessary. All materials provided.

viva vida jewelry.png

Mixed Media Workshop: Colour and Emotion with Artist Micheline Sansregret 

Inspired by renowned artist Robert Burridge, this workshop will use a dominant colour with accompanying colours to convey varying moods and emotions in the creation of a beautiful mixed-media piece.   

Social Media for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs with Heather Boyd Wire

Join Heather Boyd to discover how you can grow your reach with social media and build a community around your brand. Heather has 23K subscribers and over 2 million views on her YouTube channel and has grown a Facebook community of fellow wire Art and jewelry makers to over 2000 members over the course of a few months. 

Learn how sharing your work with the intent to inspire others will create a buzz around your brand and motivate people to invest in your creations and your services. SHARING is the new SELLING! Discover how Heather paid her mortgage with Etsy sales thanks to listening to clients and finding her niche. 

Opportunity to network with fellow creatives and be motivated to explore a variety of social media platforms. 

*includes refreshments, networking and an e-book Social Media for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs *



Join us Sunday, September 15 from 10-4 for a full day workshop taught by artist George Hsiung! For potters and painters. Potters can work with their own bisqued pots. Workshop will consist of Tai Chi to relax the mind and body, traditional Chinese brush painting, and get your Chinese horoscope read! Refreshments will be served.


Watercolour Journaling Workshop with Micheline Sansregret

Come join us on Sunday, August 25 from 1 - 4pm at Viva Vida and live the passion of colours. In this workshop, we will practice the art of journaling, by turning memories from pictures taken on your trips into beautiful watercolour souvenirs. 


Oil Painting Workshop with David Kelavey


One day workshop with artist David Kelavey!


You will get “hands-on” experience with:

  • Canvas preparation

  • Scene selection

  • Composition

  • Use of colour with a limited palette

  • Using a selection of brushes

  • Adding drama

You will also learn about the importance of varnishing and framing.


This workshop would be helpful for all levels of artist and particularly for those who want to “loosen-up” and gain confidence.

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