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Thomas Kemp Kieffer

Thomas Kemp Kieffer (Jamaican-born Canadian, 1921-1999) noted wilderness & landscape artist, and printmaker. Kemp Kieffer’s intimate views of nature are the product of nearly 50 years of exploring and painting from north of Lake Superior, Algonquin Park, and many wilderness regions in central, southern, and eastern Ontario, Canada. His love for the subject is evident in the richness of his palette—the spectrum of hues and values close to nature. His style is distinct and individual, and is not, although representational, merely a duplication of realism, but a visual interpretation of nature.


His introduction to the Canadian wilderness matured a desire to capture on canvas its many moods and images with a single-minded enthusiasm and energy.


Title : Fireweed

  • Frame included

  • Artwork Dimensions with frame : 30" H x 36"

  • Artwork Dimensions: 35"H x 42"

  • Shipping to Canada only

  • Online purchase not available.

  • For more info:  email

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