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Œuvres disponibles

D'autres d'œuvres sont disponible à la galerie. Veuillez nous contacter pour plus d'information sur celles-ci.

Sold Artworks 



Les œuvres de Martine fige un moment particulier dans le temps où elle rencontre tout type de gens.

La peinture à l'huile, les pastels à l'huile et le collage sont ces médiums favoris et elle travaille occasionnellement en diptyque.


Her artistic approach is based on a work of recollection, whether it is the memory of a special moment such as a walk downtown or in a park, or in her childhood, a story she heard or an image she invented.These are paintings to be read like a book of memories. These paintings are built slowly, coat after coat, each layer giving a special detail and allowing her to regularly assess the composition of each painting. This old method, sfumato, consists of superimposing glazes with optimal saturation of pigments and gives an impression of depth as well as an element of richness and soberness to the painting.

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