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St. Gilles 


 A Canadian Postwar & Contemporary painter. 

St- Gilles is an influential landscape painter of his generation. He was born in Quebec in 1956.  He studied at the Sainte-Foy College and holds a DEC diploma.  He started showing interest in painting at a very young age.  During his journey of exploring art, he got inspired and worked under well known artist like Paul Brien, Mario Mauro and Bruno Côté. At the later stage of his like he went on a research journeys in France, Italy, the Canadian North and the Iles-de-la-Madeleine. 


St-Gilles performance went on to be quite influential in his early twenties and before his 25th birthday he held his first individual exposition in 1979.


His love for nature has been beautifully portrayed in all of his painting. He is well known for his stunning Canadian landscapes. which brings out the space and light. What we observed is that St-Gills brings out a dominant colour in most of his art work, and he never misses out to capture the essence of the scene. 

Since 1999, his love of nature has created a devotion to a grand challenge; to visit the entire country in search of exceptional sites to compose a collection of more or less 120 large-size canvasses which will be the subject of a permanent exhibition.


Title : Avril à St-Iréné

  • Frame included

  • Artwork Dimensions with frame : 13" H x 14.5"

  • Artwork Dimensions: 8"H x 10"

  • Shipping to Canada only

  • Online purchase not available.

  • For more info:  email

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