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André L'archevêque

His style appeared, in the middle, as a renewed representation of nature, although the foundations of his visual language were attached to tradition. In appearance contradictory, this statement nevertheless has the merit of showing how landscape painting has suffered from the absence of new visions. L’Archevêque gives us a very careful design that gives his works a poetic imprint of great beauty. Its unctuous and fragmented touch leads the viewer into a fairy-like space that is however anchored in reality in a very tangible way.

Of all the talents of L’Archevêque, we must not neglect that of a colorist, which significantly marks his paintings. We find a little equivalent in landscape painting, and even in Quebec painting as a whole. Its chromatic harmonies are simply breathtaking, grandiose. The artist always manages to find tonal variations that give his palette an exemplary richness. Never too strong or soft, its iridescent designs offer their splendor to the eye. His most significant works consist of landscapes excluding all human traces.


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