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St. Gilles 

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Michel LeRoux

Michel LeRoux has a long history of painting for over 40 years now. It all started when he was young and was born to a family that was always surrounded with creativity as means of expression and sustenance. A mature artist, he lives in perfect symbiosis with nature. Canvas after canvas, he intensely recreates the magnificence of the plant and mineral world.

From 1982 to date, he has presented 27 individual exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Over the years, several articles have been devoted to him and in the cinema, 24 of his paintings have supported the plot of the best-selling. 


Michel Leroux loves to paint forest, sea and rivers. He grew up among the trees, and strongly believes that the colour persists throughout life and he affirms that Nature is his anchor and his painting are his best way to offer his tribute to them. Whether his paintings are hung on gallery rails or on the walls of his workshops in Boucherville and Kamouraska, collectors follow his approach step by step: an incessant renewal consistent with his previous periods of pictorial production. A logical sequence, free from categorical breaks, marked by the artist's unconditional love for nature.


Secret Naissance 

  • Frame included

  • Artwork Dimensions: 16" H x 20"

  • Shipping to Canada only

  • Online purchase not available.

  • For more info:  email

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