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Humberto Pinochet

Chilian of origin, Humberto Pinochet has lived in Quebec for the last thirty years. He grew up in a family of artists, and studied at the catholic University of Valparaiso, at the faculty of Architecture and at the graphic design School. He also graduated from the visual art School of Laval University.

Humberto Pinochet devotes himself entirely to painting his passion, and has participated in different artistic and cultural events, with more than 100 exhibits in Canada, South America, the United-States, Asia, Africa and in Europe.

He has participated also for the last ten years, to more than forty painting symposiums across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes; He wins a great number of prices and distinctions during his course, like the title of academician given by the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec in November 2006, and academician counsel in 2007.

The Mazarine Academy of France appoints him member of honour for life, for his ability and his self-devotion to art. In December 2007 he is selected for the National Salon of Fine Art to expose as representative of the Canadian delegation at the Carousel of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

For Humberto Pinochet, traveling is a source of constant inspiration. His paintings carrying a great thematic diversity, are open windows on a world that the artist invites us to discover. The urban scenes, the landscapes and the marines are amongst his privileged themes.

His artistic impression is marked by intense colors, of subjects fully exotic and mostly of light. His pictorial universe is in perpetual mutation. His paintings are found in many Art Galleries and corporate and private collections across Canada, United States and France mostly.

This passionate and generous artist is the object of many press reports and on television.


Title :  Vent après-midi

  • Frame included

  • Artwork Dimensions with frame : 29 1/2" H x 25 1/2"

  • Artwork Dimensions: 20"H x 24"

  • Shipping to Canada only

  • Online purchase not available.

  • For more info:  email

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