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Iris, (Genevieve Lahens Esper), an architect by trade has been painting for the last 16 years. Without pretension or gaudiness, her paintings impact first by the simplicity of their language. Silent understanding. Measured lines. Jarring rhythms. Her artworks unfold like a customary dance that brings out beauty and feeling. Her paintings and sculpture (wood and recycled iron), have no reference to time. You can’t tell where she is from – Africa, Asia, or Europe.
Emancipated or eluding a permanent residence, her artwork would fit in a space yet to be classified where the traditional, the ancient, and the spiritual absorb the fragrance of modernity. You could describe them as “something that the new millennium is expecting, totally universal with a background of the spiritual.”
“Much sensitivity, spontaneity, and rectitude. One is amazed at the equilibrium obtained. From this perfect dosage of powers poetry warm and delightful.”


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