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Session 7: August 7 – August 11

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


LIGHT UP MY LIFE -Whether drawing, painting or taking pictures, light is a key element in art.  Come explore innovative ways to use light in the creation of art and performance. Paint luminescent canvases, create light installations, and perform shadow theatre.

Session 8: August 14  – August 18

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


COOKIE CUTTER ART – Be inspired by the wonderful world of food in art. Be a master artist by using different mediums to create food art and the ultimate “masterpiece”- make, bake and decorate your own giant cookie!!! Be a master chef as you make “art” that is good enough to eat…YUM!

Session 9: August 21  – August 25

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


ARTICIPACTION – A blitz of activities to guide you in a colourful journey of creative fun! Paint, sculpt, draw, and much more! This camp is about art and action! Indoor and outdoor, put art into action…ART, ART, and more ART!

Session 4: July 17 – July 21   OPTION 1

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens

FROM MONET TO PICASSO - Paint, paint, paint... as we explore the work of well-known painters. From impressionism to abstract, figurative to pop art, explore the story of painting! Monet, Matisse, Picasso, we paint! Inside and outside, we paint! Big and small, we paint! Anything goes...with paint!

Session 5: July 24  – July 28

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


VIVA VIDA'S GOT TALENT! – Drama, dance, music and visual arts, we’ve got it all. Combine all the arts and pick what you want to do as we create with all forms. Set design, production, drama, costume design, magic and lots of art. What’s your talent? Big production and after party to end it all with a BANG!

Session 6: July 30  – August 4

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens

DRAW IT AND "TOON" IT! – Draw, draw, draw! Explore the crazy world of cartoons. Manga! Comic Strips! Caricature! Learn how to draw a variety of different cartoon styles as you create a book featuring your own series of dynamic drawings and doodles.

Session 3: July 10  – July 14  OPTION 1

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


PUPPETS, MASKS, MAGIC, AND MAYHEM! – Immerse yourself in the world of puppetry, fantasy and magic. Design and sculpt fascinating, enchanted, magical creatures while exploring image and form in mask making and puppetry. Create using paint, clay, plaster, and fabric.  

Session 2: July 3  – July 7  OPTION 1

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens

AROUND THE WORLD IN 5 DAYS – Explore the world while you paint, draw, sculpt, design and much more. Have fun working with clay, painting on canvas, and exploring other techniques, all inspired culture, art and artists from around the world. Virtually travel to each destination country, create a unique piece of art as a souvenir, and record all your experiences in your “travel” art journal. Each participant will receive a “world art adventure passport” stamped each day after your journey into creativity!

Session 1: June 26 – June 30

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE - There’s nothing better than looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. Let’s be inspired by the music of the sixties...Beatlemania, Beach Boys, The Supremes, and many more. Music changed a generation and inspired a lot of ART. Explore the art of the 60’s, while grooving to the amazing music of that decade. Create both indoors and outdoors. Tie dye it, bead it, paint it, sculpt it, all in the spirit of the 60’s. It’s super cool!!!

June 26 to August 25, 2017
Ages 3-5, 6-12, and,13-16 
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
Extended Hours 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Flexible schedule. Inquire about our daily drop-ins, half, and full-day options

Cost: $240 week, $68 full day, $45 half day

(Payment:cash,debit, cheques credit card)

Viva Vida Art Gallery and Creative Art Centre 
Creative Mornings 
Active or Lazy Summer Afternoons 
In the heart of Pointe Claire Village, close to parks, 
swimming pool, summer festivals, and fun!

Summer 2017



Creative art camps offered at Viva Vida Art Gallery provide an opportunity to develop technique and explore creativity while enjoying the leisurely pace of the season.


Campers explore a variety of mediums, including painting (acrylic and watercolour), clay sculpture, animation, drawing, and much more.


From painting, to Graffiti art, to creative cooking, the goal is to create while having tons of fun!  

Session 2: July 3  – July 7  OPTION 2

GROUPS:  Ages 8-12 and teens


SNAP HAPPY – Go snap happy as you learn about composition, light and different styles of photography. explore nature, portraiture, macro, and action photography. Your photos will also be used to create artwork in Pop Art, mixed media, and collage. What fun! (Activities adapted to age groups.)

Session 3: July 10  – July 14  OPTION 2

GROUPS: Ages 8-12 and teens


GRAFFITI AND HIPSTER ART – Graffiti as an art has been around since prehistoric cave drawings. In this camp, participants will create their own "tag”. They will also learn about famous graffiti artists, work with stencils and spray. In addition participants will explore urban art, including “hipster” art.

(Adapted to age groups).

Session 4: July 17 – July 21   OPTION 2

GROUPS: Ages 4-5 - Ages 6-9 - Ages 10-12 and teens


VIVA DIVA -A shout out to all divas! Whether you are into books, beauty or baseball, a little bling goes a long way!  "Fashionistas look at fashion as an art, their own bodies as the canvas, and the sense of style they develop along the way as their masterpiece.” Create artwork in all mediums with a focus on fashion, make one of a kind jewellery, and design your own cool t-shirt!